All entrees are servied with ENjera.

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    Veggie Dishes 
    Fassil's Vegetarian dish is intensely spiced, with Ethiopian organic complex and fiery blend berberie directly imported fromEthiopia.Our most traditional vegetarian dishes are all listed under Vegetarian category

  2. .1. Kik Wot  Boiled yellow split peas cooked and seasoned with onion,ginger, and garlic in our special tumeric sauce.

    2.Misr Wot  Split lentils are stewed with onion, garlic and blend of hot Ethiopian herbs and spicy berbere sauce.

    3.Gomen (Spinach)  Chopped boiled spinach cooked in onion, garlic , and ginger.

    4. Alcha  Fresh cut cabbage, potato, and carrots cooked in a chunky tumeric styled stew

    5. Shiro Wot  Roasted and powdered chick peas (Shuro) are simmered in our unique and spicy berbere sauce with vegetable oil

    6. Vegi Combo A combination (small portions ) of all our vegetarian dishes of kik wot ,misrwot ,gomen ,alicha ,and shirowot.

    7. Timatim Fitfit  Freshely diced tomatos, onions, and green peppers mixed into crumbled Enjera , and tossed in our Ethiopian style lime dressing.

    8. Selata  Chopped Fresh Lettuce ,tomatoes, onions and green chili in oil and lemon dressing.


    Meat Dishes

    Meat Dishes Fresh meat is plentiful with in Ethiopian cooking. Beef Lamb Goat Chicken and Fish are very popular meat dishes. Pork is forbidden by the Ethiopian Christian Orthodox and Muslim communities the whole population in the country. Doro Wot and key Wot are The most popular Ethiopian dishes.Kitffo and Gored Gored are beef dishes that are served raw or very slightly cooked.

    9. Doro Wot  …

    10. Doro Tibs  Tender sautee chicken breast cut and cooked in vegetable oil with onions, green chilies, and bell peppers

    11. Kittfo  Choice of raw minched lean beef ethiopian style, seasoned with nitter kibbie , selction of spices, and mitmita (ethiopian hot pepper)

    12. Gored Gored  RAW slightly cooked beef chunks in our special nitter kebbie and berberie sauce.

    13. Asa Tibs  Crispy Basa fillet fish seasoned and breaded with herbs,spices, and flour then  cooked and fried in vegetable oil.

    14.Yebeg  Tibs Sautéed lamb with butter sauce, onions, green peppers, or jalapeños and spicy berbere sauce.

    15.Yeberie  Tibs Sautéed Beef  with butter sauce, onions, green peppers, or jalapeños and spicy berbere sauce.

    16.Fassil's combination Alicha, keyewot, misrwot.

    17. Keye'wot Choice of beef cubes cooked in a thick rich onion sauce & spicy berberie

    18. Minchet Abish Savoy lean chopped beef cookes with a tasty combination of herbs onions and berberie

    19. Yekeywot fir-fir Crumbeled injera minched with beef sauce and rich spices

    20. Yedorowot fir fir Chicken sauce crumbled with injera, chicken leg, thigh and egg.

    22. Meat combo Kitfo, Gored Gored and keyewot

    23.Quanta fir-fir Dreid meat crumbled injera mixed with in rich spices, herbs , and berberie sauce

    24. Cha Cha Roasted tender lamb served on a skillet rich in spices and herbs, with bone

    25.Shiro Besiga Ground chickpea cooked with tender sauteed lamb with onion green chillies, and bell peppers cooked with vegetable oil

    26. Gomen (spinach) Besiga Gomen (spinach) cooked with tender lamb with onion green chillies on bell-pepper cooked wit vegetable oil.



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